Meet Our Team

Laleh Graylee
Associate Vice President for Resource Planning & Budget

Jhofelle E. Maruzzo
Administrative Analyst Specialist

List of Budget Operations
Name Description
Homaira Masoud
Director of Budget Planning and Resource Management

Budget and Financial Pro-Forma Support
Rate and Fee Development Support
Capital Financing and Project Budgeting

Joe Lipnisky
Director of Budget Operations and Systems

FIRMS – Annual Budget submittals
Delegation of Authority and Security Review and Processing
Monthly Budget Transaction Review and Posting

List of Planning Analysis and Decision Support
Name Description
Jennifer Chung
Senior Budget Analyst

Annual Fee Reporting
System Data Management
Budget Transfer Request (BTR)

Oliver Ravela
Senior Budget Analyst

Position Budgeting/Compensation & Benefits Budget Allocations
Payroll Expense Transfer (PET)
Labor Cost Distribution (LCD)

Raymond Juanico
Senior Budget Analyst

JOC/Contracts – Budget Approvals
Capital Projects – Budgeting and Tracking
Revenue Management